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Emotionally available. Versatile. POWERHOUSE. 

I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, where I spent a lot of time in my bedroom. Reading books, acting out scenes from my favorite movies, and putting on make-believe concerts were often how I passed the time. My family was only allowed to watch after I nailed every note, dance move, and hair flip. I'm sure there's a home movie of me performing for the gods somewhere...

I figured it made little sense to let all of that talent and energy go to waste, so I declared my major in Theater at the University of Missouri - Columbia. After graduating, I moved to the Windy City of Chicago, where I begin my evolution and growth as an artist. However, it wasn't until I made the commitment of enrolling in the American Conservatory Theater's MFA program that I gave myself the time and freedom to explore the type of artist I want to be. 

Performing, whether it's alone in my bedroom or in front of an audience of strangers, has been my way of getting closer and more in touch with my identity as a Black woman with Albinism. I look forward to lending my voice to the changing landscape of diverse representation in the arts.