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Ashley (lovingly known as Ash, she/her) knew from a very early age what path she wanted to take in life. And it all started in front of the tv! She was extremely aware, however, that very few characters and stories mirrored her experience as a person with Albinism. Those that did fed into the "evil" or "magical" stereotype. She wanted to help change that. And so her journey in the arts began.

Ashley is a New York based actor who hails originally from St. Louis, MO. She received her BA from the University Missouri - Columbia and her MFA from the American Conservatory Theater.

Recent projects include: 2022 Disney Discovers: Television Showcase, a feature on Netflix and her first co-star role in a WB pilot. In addition to being an actor, Ashley wrote and starred in two solo projects: Mental: A Short Solo film and Beautifully Broken: A One Woman Show. She is the winner of the 2018 NBC Universal Scholars Award and the 2019 Benjamin Bratt Diversity Scholarship.

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